We’re attending The Royal Society Novel Therapies Scientific Meeting


This week our Senior Medical Writer, Dr Silvana Bardelli, is attending the scientific meeting “Delivering Novel Therapies in the 21st Century”, a two-day conference held by The Royal Society and Academy of Medical Sciences FORUM.

The meeting will cover recent advances in the development of a range of novel treatments. These include bioelectronics, nanoparticle delivery and immunotherapies, alongside a look at gene therapy, a key focus of Silvana’s research in her academic career.

The impact of novel treatments will also be considered in the wider context of value, personalised medicine and access, as well as the impact on policy and healthcare.

We are all looking forward to hearing Silvana’s update from this conference during our monthly team meeting next week!

Engagement is at the root of our work at emotive, and we’re excited to continue being at the forefront of scientific advances in novel therapies that will ultimately shape the future of healthcare delivery.

To learn more about how our scientific, creative and technical expertise stimulates the optimal participation of HCPs, people living with a disease, and other stakeholders in the care pathway, please email Chris Edmonds (chris@thinkemotive.com) or call +44 (0) 207 148 0408.



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