Welcome to the 2018 Grad Day!


Today, for our 2018 Graduate Recruitment Day, emotive. welcomes 14 university graduate students from ten different universities including Imperial, Newcastle, Reading, King’s, Sheffield, Aberdeen, Bath and Manchester.

The candidates will be faced with an afternoon of group and individual tasks, culminating in interviews at the end of the day. The graduate positions will be taken up in September this year, beginning with a rotation around our various departments and ending with a role in our client services team for the remainder of the year.

emotive. is always looking to take on new talent, and is committed to supporting people at the start of their careers in medical communications. A core value of the agency is empowerment and we believe strongly in finding and fostering new talent to ensure we bring in fresh ideas and approaches. This is all part of our agency mission to maximise engagement across everything we do.

Lizzie Nayman commented, “We are really looking forward to this year’s selection process. We hope to take on up to three graduates to join our growing team and having received many outstanding CVs, we are excited to meet them in person. Many thanks to our Talent Manager, Harry Brooker who has organised a fantastic assessment day.”

To learn more about emotive. and how we can help facilitate behaviour change through deeper engagement, please contact Chris Edmonds (chris@thinkemotive.com) or call +44 (0) 207 148 0408. If you’re interested in joining the emotive. team please email Harry Brooker (harry.brooker@thinkemotive.com).



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