The emotive Team Completes Annual In-house ABPI Training


We pride ourselves on our ability to be agile, in fact, it’s one of our company values. Within healthcare communications, agility means being able to react quickly to changes in the pharmaceutical landscape. 

One component of the pharma industry that experiences frequent and affecting change is regulation. Last week, the emotive team completed their annual ABPI training course. Dr Nick Broughton, a seasoned trainer in the ABPI and EFPIA Code, split the full-day course into two sessions.  

The first session acted as an introduction to the Code for our newer members, giving an overview of the 29 clauses and examples of when those clauses have been breached in recent years. 

The second session was for those more familiar with the Code, with the main purpose being to answer the question: what is and isn’t promotional in the world of pharma? Dr Broughton took us through a series of real-world and fictional scenarios to give us a better understanding of what would be considered promotional.  

Here’s what Lorna Campbell, Account Manager, had to say about the training:  

“The training really made me consider the important nuances of how we define promotion in the UK healthcare industry. For example, what is considered promotional versus non-promotional can be set by what your intent and purpose is for your audience; seeking advice and answers from healthcare professionals who are specialists in their field at an advisory board isn’t wrong, as long as your intent is not to influence them. I also enjoyed the analogy used for promoting to the general public in the UK… ‘It’s like taking your clothes off…it’s not wrong, but the consequences differ if this happens in the wrong place!” 

At emotive, we believe that the training and development of our team is essential in enabling us to constantly adapt to regulatory change. This means we’re able to produce high-quality work with the most up-to-date knowledge. 

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