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    Patient Engagement

What defines Patient Engagement?

Failing to equip patients with disease- and treatment-related skills and information is a major cause of poor treatment outcomes. The skills and information must be relevant, supportive and evidence-based. They must enable patients to make informed decisions and assume an important role in the management of their condition.

Why us?

We have a strong record of creating disease-specific, insight-based patient support programmes that encourage patient engagement and empower patients with the skills and information necessary to change their behaviour and achieve optimum benefit from their treatment. Our multichannel approaches are designed to provide the best possible supportive materials to patients, carers and families, and ultimately enhance the treatment experience.

  • Educate patients and their carers
  • Encourage patients to engage with their treatment
  • Boost treatment adherence
  • Enhance the treatment experience
  • Improve treatment outcomes


A leading global pharmaceutical client asked us to develop an unbranded digital patient support programme for asthma sufferers aged 18 to 35 to help them take control of and better manage their condition.


Following extensive market research, and working in collaboration with UK asthma experts and behavioural scientists, we produced a multiplatform programme encompassing apps for smartphone and iPad, a website and a secured central database. The programme provides real-time local environmental data that can affect asthma, a large resource library of advice, tips and information, and other useful features that help asthmatics manage their condition. Users who complete a short psychological profiling questionnaire are sent tailored motivational and educational messaging based on a complex algorithm. The asthma control test (ACT), a key feature of the programme, gamifies the experience by presenting a score that reflects how well they are managing their asthma over a given four-week period. Users are challenged to beat the score. Ongoing scores, along with other personal health-related data, such as peak flow, are charted and can be shared with healthcare professionals, who can then choose to adjust treatment.


After a successful launch in the UK, where it gained 30% more users than targeted in the first twelve months and demonstrated a clinical improvement in ACT score, the programme has now launched in over 20 countries around the globe. Promoting behavioural change in asthma, it has received critical acclaim from both patients and healthcare professionals and has won numerous awards.

For the first time, we have put together our knowledge, patient insights and technology to deliver something that will improve health outcomes.Global Marketing Manager, Respiratory

The ACT tracker is an easy way to measure my asthma control, and the personalised tips and tools are really helpful. And it’s on my phone whenever I need it!A 25 year old with asthma, UK

I think it’s possible that the programme can play an important role in the doctor–patient communication and relationship.Professor of Primary Care Research


A multinational pharmaceutical company with offices in 75 countries approached us to review their web-based patient support programme for diabetics prescribed one of their therapies. Comprehensive research and analysis of the programme’s structure, content, performance and overall appeal revealed that it was in need of improvement.


Using patient and nurse insights, and collaborating closely with the client, we updated the programme’s design, optimised its performance and added a host of new content, features and useful tools. Providing tips and advice on physical activity, stress management and healthy eating, the new content helps patients to make positive changes to their lives. The new tools allow patients to create a tailored personal development plan, manage appointments, lose weight, improve glycaemic control, stabilise HbA1c and improve diabetes management. In short, the updates and enhancements provide everything that patients need to engage with their healthcare team, ask questions, understand their disease, track personalised goals, monitor changes in their health and wellbeing, get involved in the management of their disease, make the most of their medication, and enjoy meaningful and lasting lifestyle changes. The programme also provides information for friends and family, and helps to build a sense of community for patients.


Since the upgrade, the number of visits to the website and the average time spent on the website per session have increased significantly, indicating a marked improvement in the website’s usefulness and appeal. There has also been a significant increase in the number of personal goals being completed by patients, reflecting the programme’s ability to promote and facilitate positive behavioural change.

emotive are experts in digital technology and communications. They go above and beyond in supporting us to deliver on time, with excellence as a key output.Medical Education and Events Manager


Our client’s goal was to empower children being treated with their growth hormone therapy, and their parents, to understand more about the disease and treatment, ensuring correct administration and adherence, resulting in optimal treatment outcome.


After conducting research with the target age group of eight and nine year olds and understanding the language and characters that they would find most compelling, we produced a character-based approach using a mixture of 3D animation, live action and animated hand-drawn illustrations. Featuring an engrossing story of a boy and his dog and utilising an innovative and contemporary style and content, the animation (which has been rolled out across multiple platforms, including DVD, print, Web and app) communicates the important facts about the treatment and provides in an encouraging and memorable way reassurance about taking growth hormone. The contemporary yet simple hand-drawn animation style, often associated with children’s TV cartoons, allows the young audience to easily understand why the injections are so important for their growth, increasing the likelihood of adherence.


The DVD and print materials have been distributed to clinics for HCPs to provide to patients initiated on the treatment. The website and app are available for patients and parents to access. The client believes that it has helped patients to better understand their treatment and the additional support services available to them. Traffic to the product support website has increased by over 50% since the DVD was released.

We have seen higher levels of engagement and feel the programme allows patients to get the best from their therapy and the support services that go hand in hand with treatment.Senior Product Manager, Endocrinology

Getting kids and their parents to understand what is and will be happening is vital. The programme communicates this very well and tells them more about their package of care. This helps me and my team maximise our time with patients.Healthcare professional

The fact that it is age appropriate, with a humorous side, means children will really engage with the material.Healthcare professional

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