Oculus Rift goes deeper with the Virtual Valve


EuroPCR, the official annual meeting of the European Association for Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI) is a leading congress in interventional medicine and provided the perfect backdrop for the launch of this incredible educational experience.

Building on the success of Diabetes Voyager, Virtual Valve uses Oculus Rift’s revolutionary virtual reality headsets combined with motion sensor technology to enable hundreds of delegates to experience traveling through the aortic arch into the heart with full, life-like HD 360 degree vision. Once inside, they were able to explore the left ventricle and interact with the experience to simulate levels of aortic stenosis and assess the impact of this condition on the patient’s heart.

Over five days, the emotive team ran 6 stations to maximise delegate throughput. Neil Kumar, an Account Director at emotive commented after:
euroPCR was a great opportunity to show hundreds of members of the international cardiology community this fantastic new virtual reality project, Virtual Valve. It’s a project we have worked hard to make educational and engaging so it was very rewarding to see how much of a success it’s been.”

Cardiovascular professionals queued at the stand and in the experience room to access the experience, showing a real interest in the Virtual Valve.. Using iPads to collect feedback afterwards proved invaluable with ratings scoring over 90% and individuals providing comments such as “Tremendous’, Nothing less than amazing, Super-marvellous and inspirational , Great to see the anatomy in a new way. Really innovative!”



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