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    Medical Education

What defines Medical Education?

Medical education programmes should be creative, interactive, stimulating, scientifically rigorous and compliant with regulations. They should shape thinking and change behaviour while always putting the patient outcome at the heart. The content and delivery method should be tailored to the audience but flexible enough to meet different styles of learning.

Why us?

From fully immersive virtual reality experiences to interactive workshops that bring patient case studies to life, we have created a wide range of original, multi-award-winning medical education solutions across a variety of therapy areas. By incorporating the latest technology, gamification and accelerated learning techniques, we create memorable, augmented learning experiences that stand out, provoke discussions and maximise knowledge retention.

  • Harness the latest technology and learning techniques
  • Engage customers with new and innovative programmes
  • Provide an educational experience that stands out
  • Challenge and change prescription behaviour
  • Improve patient care and treatment outcomes


In their mission to successfully manage type 2 diabetes, physicians have focused on lowering HbA1c as their ultimate treatment goal. Since it has become increasingly apparent that the management of weight and hypoglycaemic events are also crucial for patients, our client needed a novel way in which to highlight to physicians the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to managing diabetes. The strategy would be used at the Diabetes UK national congress.


In order to effectively communicate our key messages, we conceptualised and delivered Diabetes Voyager, a fully immersive, multisensory and interactive virtual reality experience. Combining Oculus Rift and Xbox Kinect technologies for the first time in a healthcare setting, the experience promotes the need for a multidisciplinary approach to diabetes management by allowing specialists to go inside the body of a typical patient, where they can complete challenges that address each key factor that influences diabetes management success.


By merging the latest technology, the principles of gamification and expert knowledge of the diabetes treatment landscape, Diabetes Voyager transcends standard communication methods to effectively challenge the current treatment perceptions among physicians. Deeply engaging, the experience has won multiple awards, including Silver and Bronze at the PM Society Awards 2014. We have since adapted the strategy for other clients, producing outstanding medical education experiences that deliver maximum impact by creatively harnessing VR’s full potential as a teaching medium.

It’s very exciting to see how the use of these cutting-edge technologies can really help healthcare professionals visualise diabetes in a completely new way, challenging both their perceptions and behaviour.Medical Education & Events Manager

It was just a fantastic experience!Diabetes Specialist


Recent advances in the management of type 2 diabetes have revolutionised the treatment pathway, allowing regimens to become more personalised to a patient’s needs. Although a positive development, the effort required to manage multiple patients on complex treatment plans puts pressure on physicians, leading to confusion, inaction and a state of “clinical inertia”. A global specialist in the treatment of diabetes, our client required a creative strategy to educate healthcare professionals about this challenge and encourage improved diabetes management.


Expert-led and supported by a unique digital framework, we delivered a one-day interactive workshop designed to elicit behavioural change in participating primary care professionals who have a specialist interest in diabetes, encouraging them to accept and address the need for better diabetes management. Reinventing the traditional patient case study, the workshop is structured around two patient case studies that are brought to life using virtual mannequins. The mannequins simulate the challenges faced by patients. To facilitate debate, discussion and interaction, delegates are given a bespoke iPad app with instant messenger and real-time voting functionalities. The app also allows delegates to track their progress and communicate with facilitators.

The virtual mannequin workshop harnesses and integrates appropriate digital solutions to deliver a unique learning experience that incorporates key principles of effective learning and patient-centric medical education. The opening visual presentation sets the context for the meeting, clearly outlining achievable and desirable learning objectives. The virtual mannequins provide delegates with relatable and meaningful real-world cases on which to practise their skills, enabling engagement with the programme on an emotional level. Instant feedback and messenger tools, accessible via the app, give delegates a clear view of their progress and encourage participation.


The virtual mannequin case study workshop has received glowing delegate and stakeholder feedback of both a quantitative and qualitative nature. The pilot series was extremely popular with UK diabetes specialists, forcing the capacity of the London-based meetings to be expanded to meet demand. Over 150 specialist healthcare professionals have since experienced the workshop in the UK, and plans for international expansion and programme adaptation are underway.

I have never had so much positive feedback from a meeting. We’ve been able to offer a completely new perspective on case-based learning through this highly innovative and exciting new approach. It has exceeded all of our expectations.Medical Education and Events Manager

It is clear that I need to keep more up to date with new research and focus more on patient understanding of treatment.Delegate at the workshop


In order to remain on the General Optical Council (GOC) register and continue practising, eye care professionals (ECPs) in the UK are required to collect continuing education and training (CET) points. As the UK’s leading contact lens manufacturer, our client needed an effective and convenient way of delivering learning materials to busy ECPs.


We developed a free mobile app that helps ECPs to earn interactive CET points by delivering accredited, bite-sized learning modules that can be digested at the ECP’s convenience. Available for iOS and Android, the app’s interactive modules cover all of the GOC’s learning requirements and competencies, thus allowing ECPs to use the app as their sole means of earning CET points. The design of the app focuses on simplicity and usability. Users are treated to an engaging learning experience, with multimedia-rich content, delivered in short, stand-alone modules. The straightforward interface facilitates simple on-screen interactions and an intuitive user experience.


Since its release in July 2014, the app has been a resounding success. In the first year of its release alone, the app was downloaded more than 6,000 times. With over 20,000 course completions and a market penetration of 15%, the app increased our client’s engagement with ECPs via e-learning by more than 700%.

We wanted to maintain our leadership position in delivering high-quality, innovative education for ECPs. We had no idea that the app would be so popular and would deliver so many CET points in its first year.Director, Professional Affairs

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