emotive announces the launch of Initiate, a new market access and launch strategy consultancy


Global healthcare communications agency, emotive have joined forces with market access specialists Octopus, and launch strategy consultants MASS Team, to create Initiate, a new type of market access and launch strategy consultancy focused exclusively on novel products for rare disorders.  

emotive and Initiate will work closely together as sister companies in shared offices to deliver the full range of services required by global life science clients to successfully achieve advocacy, uptake and access of novel products. 

Initiate is led by Craig DixonAndrew Mumford and Joanne Mumford, a senior  team who together have over 50  years’ experience, working  on more than 50  successful product launches  at national, regional and global level.  They are supported by a wider team of Consultants, Associates and Analysts specializing in Health Economics, Medico-Marketing, Government Affairs, Payer Research and Value Demonstration. 

Craig Dixon, Director and Strategy Principal of Initiate, said “I have been working in rare disorders for the last 15 years and with the MASS Team we have been lucky enough to support a wide range of clients to bring innovative products to market.  By moving the consulting side of the MASS Team across to Initiate and with our sister company, emotive, we are able to broaden the support we can offer to our clients and bring our unique launch perspectives and approach to a wider client base. Through Initiate we will be able to support more companies to truly change the lives of people living with rare disorders.” 

Andrew Mumford, Director and Market Access Principal of Initiate, said “For the last 6 years Octopus and MASS Team have worked hand in hand to deliver strategic launch and market access consultancy services, we are really very excited to be able to offer our bespoke approach to our expanding client base. We are in very interesting times in Market Access, particularly in the rare disorders space. Initiate enables us to further support our clients and ensure patients with rare disorders can rapidly access game changing therapies.” 

Chris Edmonds, Chief Executive of emotive, said “We are aware that alongside the important medical and commercial strategy and communications work that emotive already undertakes, our clients also require similarly exceptional skills in the field of market access and launch strategy. In advanced therapies for example, an area where we are growing in expertise, there are significant challenges around health economics, value proposition and reimbursement.”

“This is clearly an area where Initiate can bring their skills and experience to the table. We have known Octopus and MASS Team for some time and we are really excited at the prospect of working closely alongside Initiate. Craig, Andrew and Joanne have an incredible wealth of experience along with tried and tested, unique methodologies with a proven track record of success. We are confident that their skills will add important new capabilities to our suite of services for global life science companies looking to launch exciting novel therapies for rare disorders.” 

About Initiate 

Initiate is a new strategic launch and market access consultancy formed by combining market access specialists Octopus and launch strategy consultants MASS Team. Initiate will operate as a sister company of emotive, a multi-award winning, global healthcare communications agency and will have a specific focus on market access and launch strategy for life science clients with novel products designed to help those living with rare disorders.   

The senior team are Craig Dixon, Andrew Mumford and Joanne Mumford.  

Craig Dixon, Principal Consultant – Strategy has expertise gained from over twenty years working with leading pharmaceutical companies both as an industry employee and as a consultant. During his time in industry, Craig was instrumental in driving orphan drugs to achieve blockbuster status.  As a consultant, Craig has been called upon to develop launch strategies for orphan and biologic brands at a global and country level by some of the world’s leading rare disorder companies.  Craig has been working with novel products for rare disorders for over 15 years across multiple therapeutic areas.  

Andrew Mumford, Principal Consultant – Market Access, is an experienced pharmaceutical and healthcare global Market Access expert. Having  gained  initial experience in field based and Market Access  commercial roles, his career moved into  senior management roles leading HTA submissions, pricing and reimbursement projects, Value Dossier development, and Value Communication across global markets.  Andrew has implemented access initiatives with a particular focus on launching new products in the rare  disorder  arena.  

Joanne Mumford, Principal Consultant – Strategic Insights, is an experienced strategist whose core strengths lie in uncovering true insight to drive business decisions and inform strategic directions.  Her career has encompassed market research, marketing and senior management roles where she has developed a wide network of payer and clinician contacts throughout global markets. This broad range of industry experience provides Joanne a panoramic view of markets and opportunities.   

Working closely with Andrew,  Craig  and Joanne  are a wider team of Consultants, Associates and Analysts specialising in Health Economics, Medico-Marketing, Government Affairs, Payer Research and Value  Demonstration.  

About emotive  

emotive  was founded over 15 years ago with the simple vision of changing lives by helping those who are unwell access new and amazing treatments that can make them better. The highly skilled, experienced team work with leading companies in life sciences including advanced therapy, medical device and rare disorder specialists in the pre, peri and post launch stages of the product lifecycle.    

We use our strategic scientific, creative and technical expertise to inspire engagement with HCPs, those living with a disorder and other stakeholders in the care pathway to stimulate advocacy and uptake of novel products. 

For more information please contact: 

Craig Dixon | c.dixon@initiateconsultancy.com 

Andrew Mumford | a.mumford@initiateconsultancy.com 




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