It’s Happiness at Work Week


It’s #happinessatwork week and we are reflecting on what makes us happy at emotive. As an agency in the healthcare space we work hard but we take time to get out of the office, to have fun and to appreciate each other and the work we do.  

We are still celebrating last week’s Gold award win for our rare disease awareness campaign at the Digital Awards and it’s fantastic to get thanks from our clients for projects well done, but it’s not just success that makes us happy as a team.  

It’s four weeks since ‘4819’, our 48 hours out of the office summer conference, and we are still talking about some of the best moments of the event; acquiring the new and useful skill of plate spinning; practising yoga under a blue sky; learning about market access in rare diseases; bonding over a BBQ and so much more. We can’t wait to do it again next year. Read more about 4819 in our recent blog post: 

We also looked back over the socials, charity events and monthly mash ups and asked the team which really stood out. The monthly mash ups were a popular choice (now that refreshments are provided) because they provide a chance to see all the work that’s happened in the month and congratulate team members on promotions and other achievements. But it was the annual bake off event that got the most votes, a highlight of the emotive calendar and utterly hilarious. Read all about it in our blog post earlier in the year: 

Early in 2019 we also introduced the emotive recognition cards; team members can choose a card which says ‘Thank you’, ‘Great job!’, ‘Smashing it’ or ‘You’re awesome’ and write a personal note to a colleague. It’s great to see these used on a weekly basis. It means a lot when someone goes to the trouble of writing something by hand and putting it on your desk. 

We asked our newest recruits about the little things that have made them happy since joining emotive. Quotes included: 

“It was lovely to receive a welcome box on my desk with lots of goodies and useful stationery and of course the emotive merch” 

“The induction meetings have been great and just being taken for lunch by my manager on my first day was a good way to start” 

“It’s a small thing but the fact that my computer was on my desk and working, having been set up by IT before I arrived was incredible. It’s not always so smooth when you join a company!” 

“I love that the kitchen is so well stocked. When you need a five minute break from your desk, making a cuppa and looking through the selection of biscuits, nuts, crisps and other goodies makes me smile” 

Finally, we asked some of the team who’ve been at emotive the longest; what makes them happy at work? They all said similar things:  

“It’s the team” 

“The camaraderie that you get working together on a project”  

“The laughs we have travelling together to see our clients based overseas or to International Congresses” 

“The friends I’ve made at emotive”

So let’s celebrate Happiness at Work week. Agency life is not easy; it’s challenging and hard work but at emotive we have a great team and we always try to make it fun! 

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