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What defines Internal Comms & Training?

Internal communications and training programmes can be used to educate and motivate employees, shape perceptions, share best practices and disseminate tactical information. They can help to enhance morale, promote engagement, build relationships and strengthen brand identity, all of which can boost productivity and drive better results.

Why us?

Your most valuable asset is your team. From digital strategies that facilitate effective internal communications to interactive e-learning experiences that utilise multimedia and accelerated learning techniques, our bespoke internal communications and training solutions can help you to enhance your team’s performance and focus their skills on achieving organisational goals.

  • Disseminate news, best practices and tactics
  • Generate team motivation and excitement
  • Enhance employee engagement and collaboration
  • Promote internal alignment with organisational imperatives
  • Equip your teams with essential skills and knowledge


With over 700 members of staff located in 15 countries, our client, a leading specialist dedicated to delivering advances in treatment for people living with HIV, required an effective platform through which to engage employees across the organisation.


Following extensive consultation with the client, we created a bespoke internal communications and social networking platform to facilitate communications across the employee network. Used by senior management to broadcast announcements, managers to engage with their teams and employees to share knowledge and experience among departments, the platform allows users to create and amend profiles, publish media-rich posts, search for specific content, share posts with selected users, “like” posts, add comments and receive notifications of new posts of interest. A user-friendly dashboard permits administrators to swiftly manage and edit users, posts and comments. Inbuilt metrics facilitate tracking of usage.

Accessible via the Web and through a mobile/tablet app, the platform creates an effective communication channel for a team of widely dispersed employees, promoting collaboration between divisions and countries, allowing the building and strengthening of relationships, enabling easier communication from senior management and demonstrating to staff that their voices are important to the company.


Having dramatically increased peer-to-peer discussion across countries, departments and teams, the platform has changed the way our client’s employees communicate and share information. Within six months, it was being used by over 50% of employees on a regular basis. Since 72% of access is via iPad app, the platform has proven to be an effective engagement and communication channel for remote staff.

It’s so great to see uptake and contribution from people throughout the company.Client employee

The platform has created a real community.Member of the Executive Team


To aid the launch of its web-based support service for multiple sclerosis patients in leading international markets, our client, a top 10 pharmaceutical company, wanted to produce a series of short educational films to explain specific elements of the service in detail to local market teams and external stakeholders.


Following the production of storyboards incorporating visuals, text and voiceover scripts, we produced a series of four animations, each one covering a key topic. Ranging between 60 and 90 seconds in length, the animations were designed to effectively communicate complicated information in a way that would be easy to understand and appealing to all audience types. We used a simple infographic style that not only aligns with the design of the web-based service but also permits the animations to be easily adapted for each local market. The elements of each animation were created individually and situated within one large canvas, allowing the camera to pan from scene to scene while retaining the core message’s interconnectivity. Produced using a professional artist, the voiceovers guide the viewer, whilst music and other sound effects augment the presentation and enhance message uptake. In short, every aspect of design and development was considered to ensure the different viewer types would enjoy the animations and effortlessly absorb the information.


Rolled out across multiple international markets via internal training events, the animations generated significant enthusiasm and excitement among the internal audience about the support service’s imminent launch and provided a strong level of understanding of how the service benefits both patients and healthcare professionals.

The videos and the presentation were well received and the countries are looking forward to receiving the training. Thanks for all your hard work and collaboration. Truly appreciated.Director, Global Strategic Marketing, Devices and e-Health

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