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On 8th July this year, we held our annual summer conference virtually. As it’s one of the teams’ favourite events of the year, we didn’t want to let it pass without doing something to bring us all together and celebrate both each other and our achievements over the past 6 months. The afternoon kicked off with a talk about our vision, and how we can talk about ourselves to highlight our expertise and what makes us different as an agency. Tim Reid then joined us to explore how we maintain creativity in a virtual space, with lots of laughs along the way. Finally, our VP medical held a cocktail making masterclass, which was followed by our annual Value Awards ceremony celebrating this year’s winners

Our five emotive values are Imagination, Collaboration, Integrity, Empowerment and Agility, all of which play a huge part in the work we do for our clients and how we work together as a team to create amazing work for them.

The emotive Value Awards are presented every six months based on nominations from colleagues. Here are our 2020 winners who received the most nominations and some of the reasons why:

Imagination – Nairn

“Nairn isn’t afraid to think out of the box, create something that is controversial yet powerful, and challenge the status quo. Some of his concepts for a bladder-related condition were absolutely brilliant.”

“He always pushes himself beyond the ordinary vision. He can re-brand thousands of times the same brand! Impressive.”

“Nairn always comes up with really interesting creative concepts, even when under pressure.”

Agility – Dot

“She is truly agile in her ability to deliver multiple projects whilst maintaining a high standard.”

“Supports and cares about her teams, working to tight deadlines and changing priorities at all times! She is great.”

“In team meetings, Dot has repeatedly demonstrated how quickly and efficiently she has to jump across multiple accounts (because she’s awesome) but never fails to deliver. She’s always happy to help, whether it’s assisting me with the medical strategy or helping with Veeva uploads.”

Empowerment – Holly

“Holly truly believes in everyone and gives us all the support and confidence to speak up as well as learn, improve and refine our skills. Holly is never short on compliments and appreciation for others, which has a huge impact, especially in current times.”

“Cares so much about her teams and individual people; supports and empowers everyone to develop and be the best they can be!”

“She supports everyone around her and always has a calm head on her shoulders to help the team achieve the best!”

Integrity – Imogen

“Imogen always works to the highest standards of quality, making sure that every detail is accurate. This reflects in the highest level of delivery and client satisfaction.”

“No matter what the situation is, Imogen makes sure it is top quality and that we stick to our processes to ensure everything is as it should be for our clients and we that we hold emotive to account as well. This solid integrity serves her well during busy times and means others want to learn from her example.”

“Maintains integrity in everything she does; very sharp and attentive to delivering the best for clients.”

Collaboration – Fiona

“Fi does everything she can to help the team; everyone really appreciates her flexibility and support.”

“So, so approachable throughout WFH and helped me massively. Goes above and beyond to help make our lives easier and is a top collaborator!”

These five team members will be passing on their trophies to a new set of award winners in January 2021, and hopefully not in a virtual setting!

If you know someone that holds these same five values close to them, why not suggest they consider emotive for their next career move?

emotive is an independent, London-based, award-winning healthcare communications agency committed to changing lives by helping global life science companies bring novel and innovative products to patients. We recognise that only true engagement can facilitate change, and we use our combination of scientific, creative and technical expertise to stimulate optimal participation of all those in the care pathway. We are proud to work with amazing clients on some of the most exciting and meaningful products that will transform healthcare. 

If you would like to find out more about joining emotive, please contact Jade Nuttman on jade@thinkemotive.com. For more information about our services, email Anjani Patel at anjani@thinkemotive.com.



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