emotive holds Lunch and Learn for World Mental Health Day 2019


Thursday October 10th is World Mental Health Day and at emotive we held a Lunch and Learn with plenty of pizza and sushi! Kate Wagstaff took the group through an interactive presentation about her role as the team’s first Mental Health First Aider and the ways in which she can provide information and support.  

As part of the presentation, the group took part in an exercise where we thought about the way we talk about mental health. We were split into two groups and took turns to write down both positive and negative terms used to describe mental ill-health. It was interesting to see how much easier it was for both groups to think of negative terms than positive terms. The purpose of this exercise was to examine how the terminology we use can create a positive or negative environment around discussion of how we are feeling and our mental health. The environment we create may well determine people’s willingness to talk about mental health and we know that it’s something we should all be talking about more. 

Kate said: “Holding Lunch and Learns is a great way to get colleagues to think about a topic they don’t normally have time to address. In this case we wanted to get people to better understand the environment we create with our words. By discussing the importance of mental health in the workplace we hope to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage people to talk more openly about any struggles they may be going through.” 

The feedback from the team was very positive; “As soon as we started the exercise, I realised that I often use words and phrases that are negative when I’m talking about mental health. I don’t mean to, it’s just sometimes hard to know which words to use. It was a real eye-opener and I’m going to really think about how I talk about mental health from now on.”

This session was part of our lunch and learn programme which has covered topics as diverse as Current Developments in Advanced Therapies, the structure and roles in Medical Affairs and Marketing and Coping with Stress in our daily lives.    

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