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The emotive team have just returned from their two-day company conference “4819”. We asked them to tell us about the event and what they learned.  

The team started the first morning with a session about emotive’s vision. We want to change lives by helping people who are unwell get new and amazing treatments that make them better. Managing Director, Lizzie Nayman, explained “We wanted to make sure everyone in the team understood our vision and what that means to our working lives as individuals.  We had an external facilitator help us explore the many different things that the company vision means to them personally”.  Fiona, one of our Account Executives said “I found it really amazing to hear all the different viewpoints from our team, it showed how we all have different approaches and different reasons to come to work, but we pull together as a group so well and this session really made us appreciate our differences as well as what we have in common”. 

The team then heard from two external speakers about their perspectives on rare disease, an area emotive is passionate about. Garvin Taylor, a seasoned pharmaceutical marketer, gave a talk about his career and how working in rare disease has been different from other work he has done. He talked about what clients are looking for from an agency and gave insights into working with patient groups and charities. It’s important to find out what they actually need and want from industry – sometimes that’s something very simple, like help with funding their basic outreach activities. 

We also heard from Julia Wilkins, Analytics Lead at Imperial College Health Partners. She reported on her fascinating research into the cost of rare disease health systems. By using available integrated health data sets she was able to show that rare disease patients up to the age of 10 cost over 400% more to the NHS than the rest of the patient population through their additional visits to see HCPs and to undergo tests and procedures, excluding any high cost drugs.   

We are very grateful to Garvin and Julia for giving up their time to speak to the team and we have made a donation to SWAN UK (Syndromes Without a Name) to say thank you.  

Ann Gilliat, Medical Writer said – “I found Julia’s talk particularly fascinating as it really reminded us all that we need to help healthcare professionals identify rare patients quicker. These individuals spend sometimes more than a decade bouncing round the system and waiting for a diagnosis. This means not just a huge delay in accessing treatment or support but also the use of health resources that we can’t afford to waste” 

In the afternoon of the first day we focused on wellness and team building. We started with a fun session in which the team learnt a range of circus skills and had many hilarious moments and then we split to try out one of three activities; a tough Bear Grylls boot camp, a mindfulness yoga session under a beautiful tree or a five Km walk with clues along the way. The three groups came back together for an entertaining evening where we presented our biannual value awards to those individuals who have best upheld our company values through their work. Congratulations to Silvana, Ann, Immy, Holly and Aaron. We also recognized those who were particularly talented at the afternoon’s circus session with some fun prizes for best clown, most likely to get a job in the circus and the individual least likely to join Cirque du Soleil. 

The following morning, the team heard from Initiate, emotive’s sister market access and launch consultancy. Directors Craig Dixon and Andrew Mumford took the team through a key model for assessing a therapy area market when looking at market access and launch planning for a potential new product. Natalie Lilienthal, Client Services Director said, “It was really insightful for us to hear more from Initiate on how they start the discussion with clients around what will be important for a successful launch. The market mapping exercises allowed the team to look at a few of our current accounts through a different lens”.  

We ended 4819 with a session looking at how emotive has enhanced its benefits package for 2020 and beyond, including more annual leave, new rewards and more access to health and wellness facilities and services. All very welcome news for the team!  Gemma Sawyer, Talent Manager said “I was really excited to help put these changes in place to make emotive’s package even more competitive in the market. The team thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days away from the office and learnt a lot. We are already thinking about what to do in 2020!” 

emotive is an independent, award-winning global healthcare communications agency committed to changing lives by helping life science companies bring novel and innovative products to patients. We recognise that only true engagement can facilitate change and we use our combination of scientific, creative and technical expertise to stimulate optimal participation of all those in the care pathway.  If you want to develop your career at emotive  please  email   gemma.sawyer@thinkemotive.com.  To find out more about our services email  chris@thinkemotive.com. 



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