emotive. escapes with the crown jewels


emotive’s Summer of Organised Fun saw the team venture to an escape room in London to take part in a bank heist and steal the crown jewels! All in the name of team building and fun of course.

Arriving on location at a ‘not-so-secret’ hideaway in Bank, the wannabe thieves were split into small teams before being briefed on their mission to break into the vault and steal the UK’s most precious jewels.

With just 60 minutes on the clock, each team had to work together to find clues, locate passwords and solve devilishly difficult puzzles. Luckily, deciphering challenging problems under intense time pressure is clearly something that comes naturally at emotive. and all teams finished and were home dry before time was up. The winning team not only took away the jewels, but also the all-important bragging rights, as emotive. headed out for a much-deserved team meal to round-off the fun-filled evening.

Chris Edmonds, Managing Director, commented, “As team building exercises go, this hit all the buttons and was another great night put together by our Organised Fun Committee ahead of the holiday season. The OFC do an amazing job all year round creating a programme of both team building and social activities.”



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