emotive’s multi-award winning DiT programme presented at Digital Works 2015


Decisions in Time (DiT), a multi-award winning medical education programme created by emotive for Novo Nordisk was presented to an audience of 150 life science clients and agency representative at the recent Digital Works 2015 event in London. In his session entitled ‘How can tech be used to truly educate?’, Client Service Director, Adam Boucher demonstrated how digital technology blended scientific insight and writing can lead to high levels of delegate engagement and follow-up opportunities. His presentation of Decisions in Time was well received by the attendees, scoring an impressive 83% rating.

From the very start of their careers in medicine, all healthcare professionals learn through the use of real life patient case studies. This is to illustrate realistic and practical clinical complexities and this case based learning will then continue to be a key component of medical education throughout their continuous professional development.

Of course, using case studies within pharmaceutical industry sponsored education and materials to profile ideal patients for a specific therapy is nothing new in itself, but tends to be somewhat lacklustre, and more importantly often lacks any real depth. It is hard for an HCP to find a really engaging patient story which truly challenges their perception from a token 2 “case study” slides at the end of a 100 slide presentation. This is especially true if it was being delivered at an industry symposium and if you throw in a bit of keypad voting for good measure.

What healthcare professionals really want is realistic and evolving cases which reflect their real life patients, and time with their peers to discuss how best they would manage this patient, the decisions they would make, and why.

Decisions in Time, allowed us to really engage the audience with virtual patients who talked to the audience about all aspects related to their type 2 diabetes, and the impact that their disease, and indeed their treatments had made.

Type 2 diabetes is a progressive chronic disease, and so we spread each patient case over a 15-year period, with various key intervention points during this time.

This allowed HCPs attending the workshops, to travel through time with each patient story, and not only make key choices in groups about what they thought would be the best approach at that specific time period, but also reflect back to the last key decision and see the impacts of their treatment decisions, and ask each other “did we do the right thing?” and “what could we have done differently?

The way in which we were able to integrate a wide range of technology through the use of virtual mannequins, bespoke clinical history app, live messaging, and directive voting to really bring these patient stories to life, all helped to create a far more engaged HCP audience than I have ever seen at any pharma run event.

We are now working on evolving this approach to the next level, and are very excited on how these develop over the coming months.

Working at emotive, a digital healthcare agency often means we get to try out latest, cutting edge technology to address our clients needs which is great, but it also allows us to do some of the more traditional things, albeit in a very untraditional way.

Decisions in Time has already received a lot of industry awards winning a gold at the PM Digital Media Awards 2014 in the digital solutions for congress/symposium category as well the Judge’s Special Award for Innovation in Healthcare Communication at Communiqué 2014. DiT had also won the award for Excellence via Digital/Social Media at Pharmaceutical Market Excellence Awards 2014.

About Digital Works 2015

Held at the Royal Society of Medicine on the 28th of April, Digital Works is a half-day event held by the PM Society that aims to showcase how digital programmes have been successful in healthcare. It is for people who want to learn what successful digital programmes look like and how these learnings and experiences can help them in their role. The day was split up into two topic areas: medical education and patients. Each presentation and discussion is structured around three areas: strategy, implementation and learning. Learn more about the event here.

For more information on how emotive can help you deliver award-winning, healthcare innovation and digital solutions, please get in touch with Adam Boucher, adamb@thinkemotive.com or call +44 207 148 0408.



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