emotive 2020 Kick Off


On 23rd January the emotive team kicked off the new year with an all-agency meeting at the Hoxton, Southwark in London. CEO Chris Edmonds reminded the team of his vision of changing lives by helping those who are unwell, access new and amazing treatments that can make them better.  MD Lizzie Nayman discussed her 2020 plan for the agency’s growth and members of the Leadership Team presented highlights of recent projects including an advisory board, a GP webinar and a creative brand campaign. 

We also officially welcomed new starters Sabrina, Aira and Jurgen and celebrated our emotiversaries – our Creative Director, Rob, celebrates two years and Client Services Director, Anj, has been at emotive for an incredible six years! Then it was time to announce the winners of the emotive Value Awards which are presented every six months based on nominations from colleagues. Winners are those that have truly embodied the value and have received the most nominations. The January 2020 winners are as follows: 

Imagination – Talia 

“Talia always comes up with smart, creative ideas”  

“She can find a creative solution to any problem” 

Collaboration – Claire 

“Working with Claire is such a pleasure” 

“She is a good listener and is always willing to explain others’ points of view and strive to do outstanding work” 

Empowerment – Aaron 

“Aaron always helps and supports different teams” 

“He always finds time to help others, even when he doesn’t really have the time… such a team player” 

Integrity – Kate

“She is always suggesting how work can improve” 

“She’s great at doing everything and highlighting how we can do the best job” 

Agility – Sarah 

“Sarah jumps between projects with ease, never letting her high standards drop” 

“She can work on anything you can throw at her and do it brilliantly” 

emotive is an independent, London-based, award-winning healthcare communications agency committed to changing lives by helping global life science companies bring novel and innovative products to patients. We recognise that only true engagement can facilitate change and we use our combination of scientific, creative and technical expertise to stimulate optimal participation of all those in the care pathway. We are proud to work with amazing clients on some of the most exciting and meaningful products that will transform healthcare.      

If you would like to find out more about joining emotive, please contact Jade on  jade.nuttman@thinkemotive.com. For more information about our services email  chris@thinkemotive.com.  



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