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    Disease Awareness

What defines Disease Awareness?

Well-crafted disease awareness campaigns are engaging, informative, empowering, supportive and evidence-based. They educate the general public about a disease and its management, assist in the recognition of worrying symptoms and guide people to appropriate sources of medical advice.

Why us?

We have experience in planning, launching and managing compelling campaigns that raise awareness, educate, stimulate action and deliver long-lasting impact. Tied to measurable goals and utilising appropriate channels, our campaigns can incorporate websites, apps, printed materials and even games—all supported by social media and advertising.

  • Educate the public about a disease and its management
  • Increase awareness of a disease and its unmet needs
  • Help people to recognise worrying symptoms
  • Highlight appropriate sources of medical advice
  • Challenge perceptions around a disease and its treatment options


As a global manufacturer of products that help diagnose, manage or treat sleep-disordered breathing, especially sleep apnoea, our client needed a creative concept and campaign to raise the public’s awareness of the disease and promote the launch or their new e-shop. Since the new e-shop would be launched in eight European countries, the concept had to work across European boundaries and a variety of languages.


Led by our creative team and utilising professional actors, we delivered a comprehensive social media and video marketing campaign, the concept of which involved depicting people falling asleep in comical places, before emphasising that sleep should only be undertaken in bed. The title of the campaign deliberately drew on ambiguity and humour to generate curiosity and interest. As part of the campaign, we produced three one-minute videos and a variety of creatives in eight languages. The images and videos were used to produce attention-grabbing and thought-provoking materials, which were distributed across social media networks and video sharing websites in a strategic fashion, targeting a number of European markets. A comprehensive pay-per-click advertising campaign was also planned, launched and optimised to drive targeted traffic to each of the new European e-shops.


The campaign was instrumental in raising interest in, and driving traffic to, our client’s new European e-shops. Generating almost 2,000 “likes” on Facebook within the first month, it raised considerable awareness of sleep-disordered breathing and the different kinds of treatments available for different disorders.

I wanted to thank you for your support during this shoot. It was three long, exhausting days, I know, but all together successful.Marketing Communications Director, EMEA-APAC


Our client, one of the world’s largest producers of flu vaccines, launched an initiative to help improve community flu vaccine uptake. The initiative included a course designed to train pharmacists to deliver seasonal flu vaccinations to the general public and a website used to educate the public about the flu and the importance of being vaccinated. A key feature of the website was a pharmacy search feature that allowed members of the public to find the closest pharmacy where they could receive a flu shot.


With strategic collaboration of the content, design, user experience, web development and digital marketing teams, we designed, constructed and optimised a responsive website offering high-quality content, and drove targeted traffic using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and paid social campaigns. We also added a new, bespoke tool that helps visitors to assess their level of flu risk. The result is a comprehensive web-based resource providing everything necessary to help the general public understand the flu and the importance of being vaccinated, assess their level of risk, locate the closest participating pharmacy, and protect themselves and their families from seasonal outbreaks.


The new website and associated PPC and paid social campaigns were very successful. In the first two months of the website’s launch, it received just under 25,000 unique visitors, who used the pharmacy search feature almost 20,000 times. The project’s success was largely attributable to the new website’s intuitive layout and the PPC campaign’s highly targeted nature, boasting ads with click-through rates higher than 20% and conversion rates over 100%.



In 2015, a major healthcare organisation dedicated to promoting research in the science of hepatology launched a campaign to raise the public’s awareness of the liver and its functions, and the importance of liver health for overall health and wellbeing. The campaign would run alongside their major congress. As part of the campaign launch, the organisation asked us to work with their PR agency on creating a novel way of engaging the public and conveying their message in an easy-to-understand manner.


Consisting of a booth with three “mirrors”, each one placed on a different side of the booth, the Augmented Reality Mirror was a major feature of the campaign launch. It helped members of the general public to understand the importance and functions of the liver by treating them to a memorable augmented reality experience. Passers-by who walked up to one of the mirrors would see a reflection of themselves and an augmented reality version of their liver, which would come to life and illustrate its major functions through clear and colourful animations. The animations were accompanied by interesting facts about the liver’s role in the body.


The Augmented Reality Mirror was featured at a shopping mall in a European capital city for four days in April 2015. The experience proved very successful with the general public, attracting the attention of hundreds of individuals.

The Augmented Reality Mirror has been hugely popular and it is the perfect way to engage the masses. We’ve had some lovely commentary from people who have seen it, and the client is really happy. Thank you all for the hard work!Ketchum PR

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