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Our wonderful Office Manager, Darja Idehen, obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Paris School of Business in 2013. Prior to her degree, Darja spent four years working as a Project Manager at the Ministry of Health in Latvia. She has been at emotive since 2017.

What are you responsible for? 

As Office Manager I’m responsible for the smooth running of the London office. This includes a variety of duties including administrative and financial managerial tasks, from organising events and setting up new starters in the agency to being the first point of contact for IT-related issues and importantly, ensuring the office is well-stocked with everything including snacks! My role is really varied with both small and larger jobs.

Talk me through your typical day. 

My day always starts with yoga practice at home. I find it really gives me the energy and clear mind I need to start the working day. When I get to the office, I’ll check my emails for anything urgent that needs to be done straight away.

I’ll spend most of the morning calling our suppliers to place orders for the following day. This can be for a range of items such as toner or stationery needed for the office. The second half of my day is generally quieter, so I’ll focus on financial documents, checking invoices and drawing up contracts for suppliers. Throughout the day I’ll be welcoming visitors and clients who might be coming to the office. 

Describe a favourite project you’ve worked on. 

The projects where I help facilitate the work of my team are great. I really enjoy projects where I can learn something new, as I find this really exciting. IT-related projects are interesting for me because it’s something totally different from the background I have.  

I can also speak four languages, so I enjoy helping the team with my language skills. My French skills are useful for liaising with suppliers, and recently I helped my colleagues translate a storyboard for an animation into Russian. 

What do you love most about your job at emotive? 

I love that every day can be different – you never know what to expect! There are lots of different projects happening which means you can learn lots. I also like that emotive is really international – we have lots of colleagues from different parts of the world, so you’ll always hear different languages being spoken around the office. It enables everyone to learn a lot about different traditions and cultures.

What three words would you use to describe your job? 

Diverse, international, fun!

Who has been the most influential person in your life to date? 

There are two people. Firstly, my mum because she has always supported me with the decisions that I have made, including moving homes from Latvia, to Paris and to London. Secondly, my husband because he is a really motivated person and he inspires me to be as driven in my life too. 

What has been the most fun you’ve had during your time at emotive? 

The Christmas parties and summer team events are always lots of fun. These events give the company an extra boost which is really nice. The Social Club do a great job entertaining the team and helping us feel relaxed after all our hard work. I also really loved the massage sessions! 

What is your  favourite sandwich? 


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