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What defines Branding & Promotion?

Brand development is the art of building a strong, clear and positive image of a brand in stakeholders’ minds. Effective brand development strategies drive behaviour change and brand loyalty by utilising core audience insights and carefully balancing emotional and rational thought.

Why us?

We have worked with a number of brands for many years, supporting them throughout the evolution of their product life cycle with branding and core messaging delivered through bespoke promotional campaigns. By using a blend of traditional and digital tactics to develop effective multichannel solutions, we can help you to build your brand, develop behaviour-changing messaging, rebrand an asset, enter a new market or communicate your messages to new audiences.

  • Build your brand and core message set
  • Align your brand with customer needs
  • Rebrand or reinvigorate a digital asset
  • Introduce your brand to a new market
  • Create a multichannel ecosystem for your brand

What is Brand Development?

Brand development is the art of building a strong, clear and positive image of a brand in stakeholders’ minds. We bring brands to life by developing a brand narrative that carefully balances emotional and rational thought to drive effective behaviour change and brand loyalty.

Why us?

The core of our strategy involves understanding the essence of the brand’s story, which allows us to create compelling, evidence-based narratives that resonate with key stakeholders and stay true to the brand’s values. We use a range of techniques to develop insights that drive our creative thinking, including branding workshops, customer research, customer journey development and strategic narrative modelling. The results of these techniques bring us to a unique, singe-minded brand proposition that we use as a springboard for all creative development. On completion of this process, we create core brand assets, including key visuals and product messaging, all delivered as part of an insightful and actionable brand toolkit that is used to develop promotional brand assets for multichannel campaigns.

emotive understand the uniqueness of the healthcare sector, the customers and what we want to communicate—a great combination. Global Marketing Director, Merck Serono

What are Multichannel Campaigns?

Multichannel campaigns harness the power of the brand story and roll out branding and key messaging across multiple channels of communication. The channels can include sales tools (such as detail aids and leave pieces), digital assets (such as websites and apps), promotional and educational event activities, and print and online advertising.

Why us?

We’ve planned, created, launched and managed a number of multichannel campaigns, incorporating a wide range of assets and tactics, designed to meet a variety of objectives. Based on client objectives, and taking into account the needs and behaviour of the target audience, the different channels of each campaign have been designed to deliver a consistent look and feel, as well as consistent messaging, to form an integrated ecosystem. The architecture of each component of the multichannel ecosystem is based on a strong understanding of the relationships between each element and the benefits and opportunities they provide. Wherever possible, we have incorporated means of identifying and tracking individual users across the different channels, and integrated analytics for universal management and optimisation.

I’m delighted with the campaign emotive delivered. We have the strategy, the campaign and the materials. I thoroughly enjoy working with emotive.
Senior Brand Manager, Merck Serono

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