A day in the life of an emotive. Senior Account Executive


Fay Lepley joined emotive. in December 2016. After graduating from the University of Birmingham with a Psychology degree, she worked for six months in a medical communications agency in Richmond before joining the emotive. team as an Account Executive. Fay was promoted to Senior Account Executive in October 2017.

What are you responsible for at emotive.?

I work for a few different accounts, which can be quite varied. I manage lots of faculty communications, for instance, I am the main point of contact for about 25 doctors on one account. I do lots of on-site planning and logistics for events as well as preparing the content beforehand.

Talk me through your typical day.

I usually come in for about 9am after the typical struggle on the Tube. The first thing I do is get a cup of tea – I drink a lot of tea – and check my emails.

My role can vary day-to-day depending on whether we have an event coming up. If we are preparing for an event, I’ll be managing content approvals and amends, or I could be out of the office for things like filming. Otherwise, I’ll usually be in the office briefing the team, catching up with clients or working on content for ongoing projects. There is always plenty to do!

I try to have a later lunch and get outside for some fresh air if it’s a nice day. The afternoon is my favourite time of day, as I have relaxed a bit and have my to-do list in order. I like getting my head down and having a productive afternoon so I can leave around 5.30-6pm.

Describe a favourite project you’ve worked on.

We recently worked on a great event in Florida where we helped to develop and run a patient case study session. We have run patient case sessions before but this time we took it a step further with one huge screen stretching across the full width of the room which was really impactful, and used videos showing the ‘virtual patient’ talking to their doctor to help bring the case to life. Onsite, I was involved in running faculty rehearsals and overseeing the tech setup. We had a great relationship with the faculty so it was really good fun and the client loved the end result – the icing on the cake after all our hard work!

What do you love most about your job at emotive.?

I love life in our office and the people really do make it. Everyone gets along so well, but my team (Client Services) is the best. When things are going well everyone is on a bit of a high, but equally if you’re having a tough day you always have someone to talk to who knows how you feel and has probably been there before – and they’ll always try their best to help!

What three words would you use to describe your job?

Diverse, hard-work, enjoyable.

Who has been the the most influential person in your life to date?

I really look up to my brother. I try to be more like him – hardworking and levelheaded.

What has been the most fun since you’ve had during your time at emotive.?

The 2017 Christmas party was pretty fabulous. The Social Club completely transformed the office into a speakeasy with a casino in the boardroom, live singers and bartenders mixing cocktails. It was really impressive.

What is your favourite sandwich?

Chicken and sweetcorn.

To find out more about working at emotive. email Harry Brooker (harry.brooker@thinkemotive.com).


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