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Ann Gilliat joined emotive. in August 2017. She studied Biochemistry at UCL before working in the Neurosurgery department of St George’s Hospital as a Research Technician. Ann then returned to UCL where she received a PhD in Genetics from the Institute of Healthy Ageing. Following this she joined emotive. as an Associate Medical Writer before being promoted to Medical Writer in April 2018.

What are you responsible for?
My primary role is producing written content for emotive. I have prepared copy across lots of different formats, including leaflets, animations, patient case studies and educational training materials. I’m also responsible for making sure everything I create is scientifically accurate and balanced.

When a new project or new business comes in, we always spend time doing background research on the client and the therapy area. It’s important for the Medical team to have a clear understanding of the disease we’re working on and any ongoing research, as well as new treatments and initiatives that are on the horizon.

My day-to-day is always varied, with a good mix of in-depth scientific content and projects which are more creative or have to be made accessible for lots of different audiences.

Talk me through your typical day.
At the start of each day, I like to plan out what projects I’m due to work on, make sure I’m aware of any meetings or client calls scheduled and check when my deadlines are. The Client Services team prepare and take me through briefs with all the information I need to get started on my work, and I then have flexibility to manage my own time, take breaks and have my lunch whenever I want to.

I usually like to take a quick break around 11am, where I make myself a cup of tea and do a mini-review of my work so far. I like to make sure I ask any questions or have raised any concerns to the right members of the team early on, so there aren’t any surprises later! I then usually take my lunch around 1pm with the rest of the team, if the weather is nice I try to get some fresh air.

Whilst most of my day is spent at my desk writing, there are always project catch ups, client calls or team meetings to help break up my day. Project catch ups give me the opportunity to chat to the whole team involved in different projects. This is always helpful if the project has moved on from Medical to other teams and I haven’t been as involved over the last week or so. Client calls allow me to discuss my work directly with clients, talking through my reasoning and getting their feedback first-hand.

Describe a favourite project you’ve worked on.
We were recently awarded a new full medical education programme and it’s been great getting involved in a large-scale project right from the very beginning. I’ve really enjoyed doing the background research on a new therapy area and we are already starting to think about how we will use that information to create lots of different materials for a number of meetings.

What do you love most about your job at emotive.?
Every day is different. I love getting to work on different therapy areas and creating a wide variety of materials. I’m always learning something new and get to work with people who all have a real interest in science, medicine and healthcare but have different backgrounds and skillsets.

What three words would you use to describe your job?
Scientific, team-based, broad

Who has been the most influential person in your life to date?
This might be a little cheesy, but I have always respected how my mum balances her high-pressured job and family life. She was always around when I was growing up and I find it amazing how she can switch off from work when she’s at home.

What has been the most fun you’ve had during your time at emotive.?
The office Christmas party was fantastic. There was plenty of food and drink and it was a lovely way to relax after a busy period.

What is your favourite sandwich?
Avocado, tomato and chorizo.

To find out more about working at emotive. email Harry Brooker (harry.brooker@thinkemotive.com).



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